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I am David Dickinson, but my name is “EveningStarNM” in so many places that some people who know my real name still call me EveningStar.  I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA.

I am the sysadmin of users’ Hell and nightmares, a network administrator for small businesses who need one but who can’t afford one full-time. If I work for you, your systems will be clean and as secure as possible, even if your employees don’t like it. They’ll be able to do everything they need to do, but not much else.  I also fix computers for grandmothers, who are my favorite clients.  I especially like the ones who pay me with cookies — chocolate chip are my favorite, and I haven’t found a grandmother yet who doesn’t know how to make them exactly the way I like them.

I am adamantly progressive in my politics, and as far to the left as you can get while still wanting to be self-employed. In any case, I’m probably farther to the left than you are. I am NOT a liberal (liberals are not actually very different from conservatives on economic issues). I have no respect for Republicans. In order to be members of that party, they must be either supremely ignorant or as dishonest and manipulative as their leaders. Perhaps one day some Republican will leave the country better off when he leaves office than it was when he entered it, but since that hasn’t happened since Eisenhower was president, that seems very unlikely to occur in the near future. I’m also not a fan of Democrats, most of whom seem to have few principles for which they’re willing to fight. The Democratic Party seems to be more a cult of personality than an organization with any real goals that are of any actual benefit to the country. I think our country simply gets lucky when Democrats actually accomplish anything good.

But that is the way of the world. I figure that as long as I can avoid the psychopaths, my life is okay.


Posted August 17, 2011 by EveningStarNM

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